Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jim Sinclair x 12 Eyes Creatives

Here is a video of Jim Sinclair someone striving to do good things for Otara. The video is my first time editing from live footage which I filmed just two days ago. Its starts off slow but he drops some really solid information about the history of Otara and the state of things in NZ so check it out.

Otara has a median income of $25,000 annually rising only three percent over the past 15 years. Whereas in places like St Heliers the median income have risen up to 30% to around $53,000 a year. If you’re having trouble believing that; you can see the gap between the rich and poor by taking a four stage bus from Otara to Ponsonby...

If you look deep into the history of New Zealand you will see how organizing of people was always based on class and race. Polynesian and Maori peoples were brought in because elite NZ wanted them to lend a hand to do the cheap labour in which the country still depends. Where they went was dependent on what jobs the elite offered them and as time progressed the elite guided them away from the city centre to the south by building factories for them to work in out there. That is why most Polynesians come to south Auckland because they are manipulated into thinking that these are the only jobs they can do.

Supported by the government the elite funded anything that could add to the squeaky clean image of New Zealand being this diverse place while hiding the truth: that there are many impoverished areas like Otara that aren’t being given the development attention they need. Because if Otara does develop too much, the people living and working those slave labour jobs, will realise they can do so much more with their lives. They will become better than the elite which the elite obviously don’t want. Therefore the ghetto mentality is enforced by the media and development is neglected in these areas to keep the system running smoothly.


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