Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nano Ad

Do you have a goal to self-actualize?
To realize your full potential?
To stamp your mark on the world?

Many people have these goals. However there comes a time in everybody's life when you just get fed up with trying to reach your goal. You get bored of it. You want a new goal! But what happens if you listen to that voice in your head telling you to drop what you just spent the last five years of your life trying to achieve? The last five yours of your life will have become essentially a waste, thus you will lose your life energy and the enthusiasm to reach future goals.

So to keep your goals clearly defined and easily attainable I will teach you how to metaphysically elevate yourself with my 8 week course in self-actualization helping you to bring out the unique talents that lie dormant within you!

In this course I will teach you the secrets to self actualization such as:

  •  how to channel your kundalini energy to raise your vibrations to the fifth dimension
  •  how quantum jump into the astral realm and interpret your dreams
  •  how to converse with your spirit guides
  •  how to create a vision board or mind map using Prezi Presentation

If you buy now you will also the get the crystal healing eggs and the herb pack to help cleanse yourself of negative energies.

Namaste! Peace, blessings and hamony sisters and brothers.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prezi presentation

Made this Prezi presentation  for school. A new brainstorming style software that enables you to pan across and zoom in and out of your presentation with ease. It looks pretty complicated but you just need to have a TUTU and you'll find it easy enough to get the basics done. I found a piece of writing that was mysteriously already on the laptop I was using so I put it into my prezi because I didn't have any of my own writing on me at the time. I think its a love letter from an alien named Corinak to his/her loved one, who is doing some work on Earth.