Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Blog about a blog

Ka Kite. I found this blog for procrastinating writers just today when I was looking through blogs for something to motivate me to write a blog about a blog. It is probably the best blog for aspiring procrastinators I've been to in bloggy ages! Even though I think that 'blogging about how to not procrastinate' is still procrastinating, I feel that this site reveals a side to procrastinating that has benefits. The bloggette who created this blog made it a collaborative blog so that bloggers from all around the world could blog about the many techniques there are to overcome procrastination. Because of the diversity of the bloggers the blogs are all very unique. Do you get embarrased by your writing? Do you have a fear of rejection? Well there are plenty of blogs on this subject. Do you have trouble with time management then check this out. Well I was going to write some more about this blog but I've got a sudden case of writers block so I'm going to go watch TV. Kia Ora.